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Offering healthy and Invisible strand by strand hair replacement extensions.  Hair continues to grow and remain healthy!  

Located in Atlanta GA, close to the airport for traveling clients and Midtown Manhattan NY!

Clients from all around the world including Dubai, Afghanistan, Jamaica, West Africa, The Virgin Islands, California, Germany, Hawaii, and Kuwait just to name a few! 

Clients include Doctors, Lawyers, Celebrity Personalities, Moms, Students, Business Owners, Models, Military, Actresses, and more! 

Are Hair Fusions Right For You?

Are Fusions Right for me?
Fusions are a great way for adding additions to your hair, however, not everyone is allowed the
great experience of wearing the fusion technique.  Fusion is NOT recommended for the
following people:
  • Those with extreme thinning and damage around the top portion of the head 
  • Those with hair shorter than two inches long.  

    Please note: For those with minor thinning around the front and frontal hairline, you may be a

    candidate for the Invisible process which works best on those with thinning hair.


    If you have experienced extreme thinning, the best option is too immediately stop any chemical
    usage on the hair. Give your hair a break for at least three months or until the hair begins to grow
    back.  Deep conditioning treatments are also recommended.
      You CAN get fusion if the following apply to you:
      • Hair at least 3 inches long and relatively healthy.
      • Those with only small amounts of damage. 
      • Those with healthy hair 
      • Those seeking to grow out their own natural hair
      • Those with medium to minor thinning 
      • It is recommended to have hair trimmed and freed from split ends